Splendid Little Creatures

by The Murkies

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released August 31, 2019

Songs performed by Kyle Hanson
recorded live to stereo


all rights reserved



The Murkies Seattle, Washington

The Murkies’ principal member is accordionist, composer and arranger Kyle Hanson (Black Cat Orchestra, Spectratone International, El Pegaso). The songs on this page are all solo accordion, amplified or acoustic. Hanson plays the accordion “Murky” style — racking the bellows back and forth at great velocity, making it more of a rhythm and melody instrument with percussive effects. ... more

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Track Name: Closing Time
Here we go
it's that time again
tell me why good times end
they're calling out that call they call 'last call'

The music stops
the lights come on
the dream dissolves
then it's gone

Tell my why
good times end
when you lie
you're like a friend
it helps to forget it's all pretend

The dream dissolves
then it's gone
left you here all alone
where to go at closing time

Winter sun, summer rain
tell me what you'll trade for pain
just one kiss could make the dream seem real
Track Name: Robins Song
Candy in your dish
grant a birdy's wish
the green green grass holds a path
for your feet

Robins in the street
four and twenty meet
and we sing as we fly
that old king he must die
and if you do the deed
you can fly with me

When your candy's gone
sing the robins' song
you can fly as you sing
'murder the king'

When he's in his cups
slice that devil up
he will stagger and he'll cry
with a dagger in his eye
and when the deed is done
we'll have some fun

Robins on the wing
curtains for the king
put a bug in his bed
put a cracker in his head
and when the deed is done
we'll have some fun

Sugar in your bowl
solace for your soul
the green green grass holds a path
for your feet

Chatter on the breeze
the robins' song is sweet
when that old boy is dead
and there's daisies where he bled
and when the work is done
we can have some fun
Track Name: Already There
Tell me that story again
where you forget the names of all of your friends
and wake up to a vision of total love

You see a mirror in your mind
walk right through it and look behind
and find another world much like our own

where time is like a sweet caress
laughter ripples through your chest
and everything is singing in the sun

Tell me that story again
I'm foggy on the details and I don't know the end
and lately it's been on my mind

I want to hear that story once more
about the secret key to the cosmic door
you told me I would find it if I knew it was there

You tumbled through the heavens
on a twisting beam of light
you were airborne and everywhere at once

the stars swirled around you
and sang through the night
until you and the morning lit up the sky

and the earth drank you in
like a drop of pure rain
on a warm day in spring towards the end of May

your cloud wandered off
into the distant haze
and never even told anyone your name

You could see your life then:
a slow motion spark
knowing nothing real in the dark

and all your bad decisions
like birds taking flight
paused to look and think and try to get it right

At first you didn't know where you were going
then you realized you were going nowhere
finally it hit you: you were already there

Meanwhile your friends sat around by the pool
the wind made the tassles bob and twirl
they all talked about a show on tv
and waited til you were feeling better
and at your last decision
your eyes opened wide
you told them you had healed the wounds of time

At first I don't know where I'm going
then I realized that I'm going nowhere
finally it hits me: I'm already there
Track Name: Arlene
Arlene, Arlene
search the night in a dream
Dream, Arlene
sweet charms unseen

Splendid little creatures
bounding and unfound
will them with your wish to draw near

Search, Arlene
when you wake you will dream

Softly falls the sweet song of your call
ears tilt fear
softly hides ever near

Green leaves in your fingers
whistle through your teeth
stepping, turning, looking underneath

Soft you call
gentle beasts to enthrall

Arlene, Arlene
you were born to a dream
child and queen of a world unseen
singling all the layers
piercing through the fates
dashing all that reason fabricates
sleep, Arlene
when you dream you will wake

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